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Helpful Christmas tree tips

Coleman Nursery wants to help you enjoy this wonderful tree you purchased from us and have put together some ideas to help you do just that.

Find a healthy Christmas tree.

Finding a healthy Christmas tree can go far in enjoying the pine smell through the Christmas season. Coleman Nursery helps with this because all of the trees at Coleman Nursery are fresh and ready to go. Just come by our normal hours and find a tree that is right for you. We have trees from 4 feet up to 7 feet and are ready to bind them and help get them to your home. You can also run your hand through a few branches and make sure that the needles feel fresh and not brittle.

Trim the Trunk

The second way to extent your tree into the new year is to trim the bottom of the tree. Once again, Coleman Nursery will help you with this. We recommend that when you pick up your tree from us that you let us cut about an inch off the bottom. This will remove any resin that might have solidified on the bottom. Once you get the tree home and if you are not going to put it up right away then put the bottom in a bucket of water and keep it watered and in a cool place. Once you are ready to put the tree up than cut the bottom off another inch and place firmly in a stand that can hold about 1 to 2 Gallons of water.

Water, Water, Water.

Preventing the tree from drying out requires you to water, water and water some more. If you let it truck get out of water the resins will cover the bottom of the tree and it will be limited in how much water it can take in which will cause it to dry out. Although adding tree preservatives might not hurt, it is not necessary.

Be careful where you put the tree.

Although photos of a tree next to a fireplace are beautiful, it is probably not the best place for enjoying the tree longer. The fire dries the air out around the tree and this coupled with elevated heat will cause your tree to dry out much quicker.

Do not wait too long.

Waiting too long to dispose of your tree will certainly cause you to think twice about getting another one next year. The needles will start to get very brittle and start falling off much easier and faster as the season goes on. Disposing of the tree can be done by composting the tree or check your local jursidication for dates and times, to bring your tree to the county or city.